Domus Cygna - Links

The Dice Server When you absolutely, positively *have* to have a number....
The Play-by-Post Board RPGNet's top-level Play-by-Post board.
Recruitment Thread Domus Cygna's locked recruitment thread.
The OOC Thread Domus Cygna's Out-Of-Character discussion thread.
The IC Thread Domus Cygna's In-Character play thread.
Domus Yahoo Domus Cygna's Yahoo Groups Site.
Project Redcap A vast assortment of Ars Magica links.
The Giant Price List So how much *does* wool cost in the Flanders market?
ArsFAQ The justly famous Ars FAQ.
Durenmar A collection of alternate rules, essays, and other interesting Ars information.
Atlas Games Ars Magica's current publishers.