Domus Cygna - Setting NPCs
The Supporting Cast

Antonius of Bonisagus Magus (Durenmar) Your Patron and Advisor
Cassiadorus of Bonisagus Magus (Durenmar) Octavia's Parens. A Weather Specialist and Natural Philosopher.
Ptolemy of Bonisagus Magus (Durenmar) An Unhappy Terram Specialist
Maxwell Familiar (Durenmar) Ptolemy's Disgruntled Toad
Tiberius of Bonisagus Magus (Durenmar) A Pedantic Vim Specialist
Yusuf of Jerbiton Magus (Durenmar) A Scholar from the Levant. Coskun's Former Master.
Obel Guardsman (Durenmar) Captain of the Night Watch, Gerhard's Sister's Son
Dytel Guardsman (Durenmar) Superstitious Member of the Night Watch
Griswalda Kitchen Maid (Durenmar) The Cook's Daughter. A Friend of Will's.
Ealamm Faerie (Sidhe) The Prince of Maineau
Leannan dana'Sidhe Faerie (Sidhe) A Knight of Bright Winter and Octavia's True Love
Scampery Bill Faerie (Goblin) Mischief-Making Tool-Napper
"Himself" Faerie (Grim) Catcher of Rats
Andrias Ghost (Domus Cygna) A Mere Shadow of His Former Self
Werner Village Headman (Langen) Short, gruff, and balding.
Jean-Paul & Andre Geezers (Langen) Two old men sitting in front of the wine-press trading gossip.
Horace Village Headman (Sidding) Mina's son, and the most accomplished boatsman on the Bodanruck.
Mina Wisewoman (Sidding) The village's oldest resident and favorite story-teller.
Lord Otto Eys Noble (Gray House) Lord of a Neighboring Manor
Oswaldo Herald (Gray House) Otto Eys' toadie and messenger.
Olvik Constable (Salem) Spokesman for the Village of Salem
Able Flax Farmer (Durenmar Road) A Nervous Host and Cousin of Sepp's