Domus Cygna - Andrias
The Ghost of Andrias

Occupation: Ghost
Gender: Male
Spirit Might (1300): Unknown, but Unaffected by a Lvl. 20 Aegis

Formerly a magus of House Criamon, Andrias filius Maldyr committed suicide by ingesting an extract of yew leaves in 1243. He claimed at the time that it was the final stage of an experiment he had begun some years before. Livia of Bonisagus, the only other magus in residence at the time, honored her sodales' wishes and did not interfere with the process of his demise. She did, however, spend many hours in conversation with his ghost later the same evening, and added a provision to Domus Cygna's charter the next day declaring him "property of the covenant". Since even the ghosts of magi have no status in the Order, she thought it a wise precaution to at least give him the same protection as a vis source or other valuable object.
Andrias' ghost continues to inhabit the castle, and can usually be found walking the corridors of the main hall outside his old chambers or standing at one of the tower windows gazing longingly across the lake. In giving up his life, Andrias also gave up the ability to wander freely among the living. He is unable to cross the water that surrounds the covenant, despite an obvious desire to do so.

The full extent of Andrias' power is unknown, but he has been observed apporting small items (Up to the size of a key), manipulating inanimate objects (Never larger than a chair or interior door), causing gusts of wind and temperature changes in a room, and snuffing out candles, lanterns, and torch flames. He has also been seen lighting a candle at least once, and seems to have retained two of the uncanny abilities that he had in life... A most unnerving gaze and an empathic understanding of motivations so finely honed that he almost seems able to read minds. It is also presumed that, like most ghostly magi, he retains the ability to cast the spells he knew in life against Domus Cygna's other spectral inhabitants... but if he's ever done so it was out of the sight of the living.