Domus Cygna - Antonius
Antonius filius Augustine, bani Bonisagus

Occupation: Magus
Gender: Male
Age (1300): 144

Antonius filius Augustine is a Hermetic cousin of the lineage which has traditionally led the magi of Domus Cygna (His parens was, like Titus, a filius of Darius). That's why the council of Durenmar gave him the task of finding something to do with the old place... His apparent friendship with its last Caius seems to be a big part of why he accepted the responsibility.

His arcane focus is on transportation magic. He's spent the last decade working on a theory that would allow a Hermetic Portal to be established with more than one potential destination. For obvious reasons, House Mercere has a keen interest in his work, and he's made many friends among the Red Caps over the years, but his research has been slow going. Still... Antonius is a patient man, and very determined when he sets his mind to something. "Like a snapping turtle," he says, smiling. "I've never had the good sense to know when to let go."

In his younger days, Antonius did a fair bit of wandering around Europe and the Levant. He's always been a hopeless pack-rat, so his lab, sanctum, and public chambers are absolutely full of bizarre things picked up on his travels. (He uses an Egyptian sarcophagus as a book chest, a bronze Minoan snake-priestess as a paperweight, and the marble head of some unfortunate Greek hero as a doorstop-) He's also full of stories about those trips... 'Trouble is, he tends to go off on tangents during the telling and so never finishes the tales that he starts. Everyone at Durenmar has heard the first half of his adventure with the Great Roc, but no one has ever found out how that story ends or how Antonius avoided being eaten.

Before the PCs depart for Domus Cygna, he gives them a small, carved wooden chest. It's obviously very old, and was made by a talented, but less than expert, carver. The hinges are a bit rusty, and the lock seems to have been broken a very long time ago. "I suspect that Titus made this," he says. "He was apprenticed to a woodcarver before he became a magus. It seems proper that it should return with you to the castle... You'll probably need the items that it contains since Livia saw fit to send them to us. She didn't mention what any of them are for, unfortunately, so perhaps their use will be obvious once you arrive."

The little chest contains:
-- A letter from Antonius, addressed to Laurent, introducing the new magi.
-- A silver signet ring (The design is a Roman swan.)
-- A set of four small keys of various shapes and materials
-- One larger key made of bronze
-- And a little silver whistle of the sort used by huntsmen to call back their dogs

His instructions to the young magi are simple... Re-establish the covenant of Domus Cygna. "Of course, I know that doing so will be more difficult than it sounds. Such things always are... But you have the boundless enthusiasm of youth to your advantage, and... should you need it... the advise of your elders. Just don't rely too strongly on the council of dusty old owls. There's a fine line between wisdom and being set in your ways."