Domus Cygna - Ealamm

Occupation: Faerie Prince
Gender: Male
Faerie Might: 35

The 13th Century was not kind to the faerie Prince of Maineau.

First, his friend Selene passed into what those finger-waving would-be wizards fancy "Final Twilight"... Whatever the devil THAT means... Then, as if that wasn't enough bother for once century, some upstart princeling from the Languedoc showed up, armed to the teeth with mage-made trinkets, and forced him into exile on an island barely big enough for a pixie! And that... creature... he brought with him! Throwing fireballs at the Shellyback. Kicking the kelpies out of the moat. Putting up an Aegis that no goblin could cross... and then refusing to give them tokens to get back in! How utterly rude...
Ealamm wasn't always on bad terms with the covenant of Domus Cygna. In Selene's day, the Dark Summer prince was a frequent visitor to the castle, often coming in the afternoon to play chess with the gracious Jerbiton or her clever friend Julian. Her final fall into Twilight may have doomed his visiting habits (Julian proved to be something of a boor when left to his own devises-), but even so the faerie was still prone to look on the Island of the Swans' magi with a certain lingering affection. Really, it was the arrival of Livia of Bonisagus... or, more specificly, her companion Maurellan mac Dannon... that changed his outlook on the covenant.

Maurellan first approached Ealamm in October of 1237. The Bright Winter noble made no bones about the purpose of his visit, and simply demanded out-right that Ealamm and his followers depart the Bodanruck by the turn of the year. Needless to say, Ealamm had a good laugh at the uptight Seelie's expense and said that he would do no such thing! Alas, being the rightful ruler of a place doesn't help if your rival has unfair advantages, and by the first of Spring Ealamm found himself in the unfortunate position of either accepting exile to Mainau or facing certain destruction at the hands of Maurellan and that fire-flinging harpie. He wisely chose exile.

Never the most observant creature, Ealamm has only recently figured out that neither Maurellan nor his Hermetic toy-maker seem to be in the area any more. That amuses him.

Perhaps the 14th Century won't be so bad after all...