Domus Cygna - Leannan
Leannan dana'Sidhe

Occupation: Knight of Bright Winter
Gender: Male
Faerie Might: 25

Intelligence +2 (Curious)
Perception +3 (Alert)

Strength +3 (Strong)
Stamina +3 (Tougher Than He Looks)

Presence +3 (Unearthly)
Communication +2 (Calm Presence)

Dexterity +2 (Graceful)
Quickness +2 (Quick)
Faerie Lore 5 (Winter Court)
Etiquette 2 (Faerie)
Intrigue 1 (Faerie Courts)
Brawling 2 (Restraint)
Two Weapons 3 (Longsword/Shortsword)
Longshaft Weapon 2 (Hunting Spear)
Bow 2 (Horseman's Bow)
Ride 3 (In Battle)
Play: Lute 2 (Love Songs)
Stealth 2 (Forest)
Hunt 3 (Forest)
Awareness 2 (Danger)
Empathy 2 (Strong Emotion)
Visions 3 (Death & Destruction)
Virtues and Flaws:
Good Equiptment (Bronze) +2
True Love (Octavia of Bonisagus) +2
Empathy +1
Strong-Willed +1
Gift of Tongues +2
Visions +2
Poor Memory (Names) -1
Curse of Venus -2
Sense of Doom -3
Oath of Fealty (Court of Bright Winter) -1
Enemy (Moraom the Hag) -1
Curse (Spends Night of New Moon as a Stag) -2
Personality Traits:
Devoted 2
Honorable 3
Proud 2

Confidence: 3

Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0
Faerie Powers:
Greater Glamour
Shapechange (White Wolfhound)
Shapechange (White Gyrfalcon)
Enhanced Attributes
Faerie Eyes
Faerie Sight
Way of the Woods
Faerie Weaknesses:
Vulnerability to Iron
Can't Break His Word Once it's Given
Vulnerability to Dominion
Can't Tell a Lie
Partially Uncontrolled Power: Shapechange
(Forced into Stag Form When Blessed by a Priest)