Domus Cygna - The Castle
Castle Grounds

Castle Grounds

Key Name Description
1 Stable Two floor structure. Stalls and saddlery on the ground floor, stablemen's quarters and hay loft on the second. In fair condition.
2 Turb Barracks Two floor structure. Includes a common room on the ground floor, guard quarters on the second, and a cellar below. In fair condition.
3 Armory Two floor structure. Nearly empty.
4 Workshop A two floor structure. Leatherwork/Harnessmaker's workshop on the first floor. Craftsman's quarters on the second. Uninhabitable. Collapsed roof and crumbling walls.
5 Workshop A two floor structure. Stonemason's shop on the ground floor. A carpenter and cooper's shop is on the second. In very poor condition. Crumbling masnory and unstable roof.
6 Gatehouse Watchroom Three floor structures. There's a prison cell below the east watchroom. The west is used as a wardroom.
7 Causeway Made of the same gray stone as the castle walls and the dock. The center section is wood and was once capable of being raised, but the chain and winch mechanism is no longer working.
8 Chapel A one floor structure with arched glass windows and a steeply pitched roof. Abandoned and very dusty, but in fair condition.
9 Cemetery The charnel house is in the south-west corner next to the chapel. There are about thirty graves here, all are very over-grown.
10 Dock Made of the same gray stone as the castle walls. One ship (The Dove of Malta), one rowboat, and one small sailboat are docked here.
11 Council Chamber A two floor structure. The oldest of Domus Cygna's buildings. The steward, priest, and scribe's quarters are upstairs. The council chamber is on the ground floor. In fair condition.
12 Inner Close Planted as a garden. Somewhat overgrown. The rose bramble is in the south-west corner.
13 Tower Four floor structure with cellar below. Traditionally the residence of the Caius. Has one cracked wall and the garret windows are broken. Otherwise in good condition.
14 Library Two floor structure. Can be accessed from the Inner Close or Main House. Scriptorium on the first floor, library on the second. In good condition.
15 Main House Three floor structure. In reasonably good condition. Includes Great Hall, seven lab/sanctum areas, and several underground cellars and basements.
16 Skullery and Laundry Two floor structure. Can also be accessed from the Main House and Grog's Hall. Skullery and Laundry on the ground floor, servant's quarters in the second.
17 Grog's Hall Two Floor structure. Can also be accessed from the Skullery. Common hall on ground floor, turb captain and watch leaders' quarters on the second. Loose roof slates but otherwise in fair condition.
18 Dovecote Taller than a man, round, and made of the same gray stone as the castle walls. Cracked foundation but otherwise in fair condition. Has new roof slates.
19 Workshop Smithy on the ground floor, cellar below. Smith's quarters on the second. Obviously hasn't been used in years. The roof is caving in and there are rooks nesting in the forge.
20 Workshop Glassblower's workshop on the ground floor. Craftsman's quarters on the second. Uninhabitable.