Domus Cygna - Former Residents
Former Residents and Personalities of Note

Andrias1088-1243Filius of Maldyr of Criamon. Mentem specialist. An authority on spectral entities. Committed suicide by ingesting an extract of yew leaves in 1243. Currently exists as one of Domus Cygna's ghosts. Protected as an arcane asset in the covenant's charter.
Ansolm1208-1247Filius and son of Livia of Bonisagus. Elemental battle magic specialist. Known for his powerful weather affintity, use of lightening, and strong faerie blood. Was killed attempting to break the siege of Mistridge near the end of the Albigensian Crusade.
Antonius1156-Filius of Augustine of Bonisagus. Resident of Durenmar. Transportation magic specialist. Former traveler. Friend of many in House Mercere. A Hermetic "cousin" of Livia of Bonisagus, and one of the former Caius' many correspondents. The new magi of Domus Cygna's patron.
Arremis of Halda790-?Joined House Bonisagus in 820, and the covenant of Domus Cygna in 830. Vim expert with an interest in the formation and nature of Magical Auras. Known for his hostile attitude towards non-magi. Departed from Domus Cygna in 866 to take up residence in the Alpine Tribunal.
Atrius926-1060?Filius and son of Trajan of Boniagus. Fourth Caius of Domus Cygna. A man of faith and patron of the Benedictine monastary of Reichenau. Resigned his position and left the covenant to join the Order of Saint Benedict the Martyr in 1030. Rumored to have become a Pious Magus in 1041. Known for his calm demeanor, friendly relations with the bishops of Konstanz, gentle Gift, and subtle magic.
Aulda of Winterthur919-972Noble. Wife of Trajan of Bonisagus, third Caius of Domus Cygna. Mother of Atrius of Bonisagus and Emunlad, wife of Baron Uldo of St.Gallen. A poetess of some note, and patron of Fr.Martin of Geneva.
Brunhil?-890Bavarian Wind Witch and member of the First Council of Domus Cygna. Joined House Bonisagus in 805. Known for her sharp wit and affection for pipeweed. Amica of Thaedin.
Cygnus?-867Germanic Aquam specialist. Filius of Bonisagus. Founder of Domus Cygna, member of the First Council, and first Caius. Rumored to have been faerie-born.
Darius962-1100Filius of Atrius of Bonisagus. Fifth Caius of Domus Cygna. Owner of the Dove of Malta, and amicus of Honoria of Mercere. Had Domus Cygna's chapel built in 1033 to honor his parens. Known for his love of sailing and passion for fine maps. Died with Honoria when their boat capsized during a storm on Lake Constance.
Ealamm?-Sidhe Prince of Mainau. Member of the Dark Summer court. Former friend of Selene of Jerbiton. Was exiled from the Bodanruck by Maurellan mac Dannon in 1237. Known for his unpredictable sense of humor and disdain for mortal peasants.
Ferrian of Gibraltar976-1149Also known as Ferrian the Navigator. Filius of Esther of Mercere. Primus of the covenant of Pharos Candare. Friend of Caius Darius of Domus Cygna. Known for his extensive collection of maps and his theories on celestial navigation. Rumored to have been the last known owner of the so-called "Golden Ship" of Verdi.
Gebhard II1266-Bishop of Konstanz. Active, vocal, powerful, and politically talented. Has the appearance of a noble more than a churchman. Desires control over Reichenau. Knows that the Order exists, and that Domus Cygna is a magus covenant, but has so far chosen to ignore them.
Grimgroth1085-1247Tremere Auram specialist and authority on Elementals. Nominal leader of the Provencal covenant of Mistridge. Known for his commanding presence. Killed during the Albigensian Crusade.
Gruen?-898?The Black Wyrm of Salem. A dark-scaled, 10m long serpentine creature with caustic breath known to plague the hills of Hochsten. Thought to have been destroyed by Portia of Bonisagus in 898, but rumored to have been sighted again in 1298. Livia of Bonisagus, Maurellan mac Dannon, and their party disappeared while hunting the beast in 1299.
Honoria999-1100Filia of Francianno of Mercere. Prima Minor of Harco's Rorschack Chapterhouse. Amica of Darius of Bonisagus. Is said to have had the finest singing voice of her generation outside the Larta choir of Valnastium. Died with Darius when their boat capsized during a storm on Lake Constance.
Hugo of Alexandria898-1010The first of Domus Cygna's lineage of Verditius bone mages. Joined the covenant in 930. Accused of causing the death of Kollis of Tremere in 936. Known for creating exquisite bone and ivory carvings.
Humbert1241-Abbot of the Benedictine monastery of Reichenau. Celebrant at the minster of Saints Peter and Paul. Known for his resigned manner and refusal to capitulate to Bishop Gebhard's request that he turn over control of the monestary and island to the See of Konstanz. Once a talented illuminator and scribe, and a voracious reader, his failing eyesight now prevents him from browsing the library and scriptorium he manages.
Julian1067-1239Filius of Marriella of Tytalus. Seventh Caius of Domus Cygna. Known for his political aspirations, Chess expertise, and social charm. Claimed to have lost the unfinished manuscript of an authoritative work on Rego in the library fire of 1122. Was challenged for the office of Caius by Livia of Bonisagus in 1237 and defeated.
Kollis of Tremere855-936Corpus specialist and resident of Vardian's Tomb in the Roman Tribunal. Died under mysterious circumstances during Trajan of Bonisagus and Hugo of Verditius' visit in 936. His demise was ruled a "Death by Misadventure" by Maxallian of Dima in 937.
Laurent1255-Butler and Steward of Domus Cygna. Fifth generation of his family to serve the covenant in the same position, starting with Titus' valet... the man for whom the current Laurent was named. Known for his unshakable calm, excellent manners, and understanding of the needs of magi.
Livia1180-1299?Filia of Titus of Bonisagus. Eighth Caius of Domus Cygna. Elemental theorist and battle magic specialist. Known as a prolific correspondent and inventive genius. Became a recluse after the death of her son in 1247. Disappeared with her companion and grogs while hunting the Black Wyrm of Salem.
Marcus1177-?Filius of Loraine of Guernicus. Quaesitor of Provencal origin and Auram specialist. Known for his short stature, perpetually disgruntled demeanor, and eye-patch.
Fr.Martin of Geneva909-962Illustrator, scribe, and moral philosopher. Benedictine monk. Resident of the monastery of Reichenau, and skilled practitioner of the colorful "Reichenau Style" of illumination.
Maurellan mac Dannon?-1299?Sidhe Prince of Bright Winter. Companion of Livia of Bonisagus. Often took human guise. Was Livia's appointed proxy to the villagers of Langen and Sidding. Known as a scrupulously fair judge, though easily offended and not one to suffer fools.
Maxallian of Dima?-970Viennese Quaesitor asked to investigate the death of Kollis of Tremere in 936. Intelligo expert. Became primus of the covenant of Vindabonna and head of the Dima lineage within House Quaesitoris in 947.
Otto Eys1250-Lord of Radolfzell. Cousin of the Welfens of Teck. Vassal of Count Hugo of Werdenberg, and rival of Baron Rudolf of St.Gallen and Lord Vincent of Steckborn. Controls most of the western Bodanruck. Known for his ambition and constant desire for more land. Has four daughters, but no male heir.
Portia820-898Filia of Cygnus of Bonisagus, and second Caius of Domus Cygna. Norman-born Aquam and Auram expert. First of Domus Cygna's lineage of Elemental battle magic specialists. Took an active role defending the region's mundane inhabitants, and was killed by Gruen, the black wyrm of Salem.
Quirinius1039-1209Filius of Dralian. Last of Domus Cygna's lineage of Verditius bone mages. Corpus specialist and expert anatomist. Known for his ability to create anatomical automata. Rumored to have had an extraordinarily harrowing Twilight experience in 1209. Died shortly afterwards, a victim of falling masonry.
Rathbone?-1037Also known as "Ink". Rooster rook. Familiar of Atrius of Bonisagus, fourth Caius of Domus Cygna. Became the magus' familiar in 980. Was released when Atrius left the covenant in 1030, but remined in residence until his death in 1037. Ancestor of the Rooks of the Tower.
Romannis1009-1101Filius of Olaf of Bonisagus. Animal specialist and illustrator. Resident of Domus Cygna until 1090. Known for his travels in the Lavant, Africa, and the East, as well as for the over-done decoration of his books. Rumored to have been killed while on a quest to find the mysterious Spirits of the West.
Rudolf1269-Baron of St.Gallen. Cousin of Lord Vincent of Steckborn. A decendant of Caius Trajan's daughter Emunlad. Known for his skill with the spear and his hunting prowess. Has publicly called Otto Eys "a vulture and a scoundrel".
Selene1079-1216Filia of Arial of Jerbiton. Ice specialist and noted expert on the Winter Court of Faerie. Developed an acute interest in the Unseelie in later years. Known for having many faerie friends and acquaintances, and for always wearing white.
Sonne?-867Cygnus of Bonisagus' familiar. Pen swan. Ancestor of Domus Cygna's avian custodis.
Tempus1269-Filius of Kalliope of Jerbiton. Youngest son of Count Filippo of Savoy. Imaginem specialist, and first Primus of the Silva Nivalis covenant. Known for his vocal, though hopeless (not to mention turoughly unrequited-), love for Princess Adelaina of Lombardy.
Thaedin?-860Bavarian alchemist and brewer. Joined House Bonisagus in 804. Member of the First Council of Domus Cygna. Died in an avalanche while winter vis-gathering in the Alps. Amicus of Brunhild.
Titus1033-1200Filius of Darius of Bonisagus. Sixth Caius of Domus Cygna. Elemental theorist and battle magic specialist. Vocal advocate for the decent treatment of apprentices within the Order. Known for flashy spell effects and his fondness for arcane devices with a lot of moving parts. Became a recluse in later years. Killed by one of his own explosive wards.
Trajan900-967Filius of Portia of Bonisagus. Third Caius of Domus Cygna. Terram specialist born in Geneva. Cousin of the barons of St. Gallen. Laid the foundations of the tower in 898. Accused of causing the death of Kollis of Tremere in 936. Accused of interfering in mundane politics at Tribunal in 940. Blamed for the collapse of the bell tower of the minster of Saint John in 961. Accidentally turned himself to stone and was crushed by a collapsing ceiling while excavating a cellar in 967.
Valen of Lindau1249-Filius of Umberto of Mercere. Primus Minor of Harco's Rorschach Chapterhouse. Animal specialist. Inventive Genius. Known for his short temper, gentle Gift, and affection for fine horses. Rumored to have been a stable-boy before entering apprenticeship.
Vincent1277-Lord of Steckborn, cousin of Baron Rudolf of St.Gallen. Currently involved in a feud with Lord Otto Eys over the collection of taxes and duties from the village of Gaienhofen. Known for his love of music and his often disasterously short temper.