Domus Cygna - Vis Stock
Covenant Vis Stock - Spring 1300

Type Number Form Source
Perdo5Red BerriesUnknown
Intelligo4Golden CherriesHaldon's Tree
Mentem4Bottled EctoplasmUnknown
Muto4Blue Butterfly WingsUnknown
Ignem3Small Orange ScalesUnknown
Auram3Vials of AirUnknown
Rego6Purple ClothUnknown
Creo4Dried Rose PetalsUnknown
Vim28-Sided Clear CrystalsUnknown
Herbam2Oak LeavesUnknown
Imaginem2White MushroomsUnknown
Terram2Ice CrystalsUnknown
Aquam2Vials of WaterUnknown
Animal2Small Silver FeathersUnknown