Domus Cygna - New Spell
Repel the Archer's Rain

Rego/Herbam [Auram] 20
Created By: Livia of Bonisagus

Range: Touch
Duration: Diameter/Sun
Taget: Small
Spell Focus: A Staff +3

Another of Livia of Bonisagus' Elemental battle magic spells, Archer's Rain is simply a more effective version of Repel the Wooden Shafts. It deflects all blows from weapons made of wood or other plant material, including arrows and crossbow quarrels, up to the size of a two-handed club. The attacks automatically miss, but the attackers must still roll to avoid a botch. The caster need not be aware of the attack for it to be deflected.

(Livia of Bonisagus' original version of Archer's Rain has an Auram requisite and deflects weapons with small but very powerful gusts of wind, often producing dramatic arcs of static electricity. These do no damage, but may make both the attacker's and defender's hair stand on end.)

Design Notes:
Basic Rego/Herbam for "all" attacks at Reach/Conc/Small = 25
Range change to Touch, Duration to Diameter: -1 mag
Final Level = 20