Domus Cygna - New Spell
Sorted Piles of Wheat and Chaff

Rego/Herbam 5
Created By: Cesare of Bonisagus

Range: Reach
Duration: Special
Taget: Small
Spell Focus: A Sieve +3

A simple spell designed to assist apprentices with their chores, Wheat and Chaff will separate an amount of plant material up to the volume of a small market basket (An amount about the size of a modern basketball-) into as many as three distinct piles based on criteria defined by the magus at the time of casting. The spell ends as soon as the material has been sorted.

Sorting criteria must be specific, distinct, and readily observable. For example the spell could easily sort a mixed basket of red beans, black beans, and green peas into piles, but it would not be able to sort "red beans that taste good" from "red beans that taste bitter".

Design Notes:
Basic Rego/Herbam for manipulating a small amount of plant material at Reach/Conc/Small = 5
Duration change to Special: No Change
Final Level = 5