Domus Cygna - Covenant History
The History of Domus Cygna

767Founding of the Order of Hermes.
803The first structure of what will become the covenant of Domus Cygna is built on the Island of Swans by the locally-born magus Cygnus, a filius of Bonisagus and a master of Aquam magic.
805The Bavarian wind witch Brunhil and her amicus Thaedin, a brewer of potions, join the Order as members of the First House, and take up residence on the Island. With Cygnus they establish the covenant's first charter, and hold its first Wizard's Council. Cygnus is chosen as the first Caius.
830The Vim expert Arremis of Halda joins the covenant. He spends the next thirty years trying to discover the source of the island's potent aura. He is ultimately unsuccessful, and instead turns his attention to the effects of the aura on creatures living within its bounds. His study methods result in the destruction of most of the island's native animal and avian inhabitants, as well as the deaths of a few covenfolk.
866In what would turn out to be his last official act as Caius, Cygnus convinces the council to add a resolution to the covenant's charter prohibiting any resident, magus or mundane, from harassing or destroying the island's remaining swans. Arremis protests, but is out-voted 6 to 1. He leaves the covenant soon after. The swans remain under the protection of Domus Cygna's charter until the last Caius' disappearance in 1299.
867Portia, first filia of Cygnus, becomes the second Caius of Domus Cygna after her parens passes into Final Twilight.
898Portia of Bonisagus is killed defending the village of Salem from the black wyrm Gruen. Her filius Trajan, a good-hearted but woefully unlucky magus well-versed in the art of Terram, becomes the third Caius of Domus Cygna. He lays the foundation of what will become the tower and inner close of the castle.
936Following a visit to Rome, Trajan and his traveling companion Hugo, a Verditius magus, are accused of murdering Kollis of Tremere by the deceased magus' sodales. Intent on proving their innocence, the two magi ask Maxallian of Dima, a well-respected Quaesitor from Vienna, to look into the matter. After spending several weeks reviewing the case, Maxallian comes to the conclusion that Kollis died by misadventure. Kollis' sodales grumble, but accept his judgment. Trajan and Hugo are so grateful to the investigator that they convince the council to add an amendment to the covenant's charter granting any Quaesitor traveling to Lake Constance on House business the right to stay at the covenant during the course of their duties.
967 Trajan is accidentally turned to stone and then crushed in a freak magical mishap. His son and first filius Atrius is named fourth Caius of Domus Cygna by the council. Construction begins on the main hall and outer walls of the castle.
1030 Atrius resigns his position to join the monastic Brothers of Benedict the Martyr. He names his third filius Darius the fifth Caius of Domus Cygna. (Atrius is rumored to have become a Pious magus around 1041, and to have passed beyond the mortal world in 1060. Darius had Domus Cygna's chapel built in 1033 in his parens' honor.)
1055Darius acquires the Dove of Malta from the seaport of Genoa, moves it to Lake Constance, and begins making modifications. He continues to work on the ship until his death, unfortunately much of his documentation does not survive.
1061The castle of Domus Cygna is completed.
1085The Mercere of the recently established Rorschack Chapterhouse attempt to claim one of Domus Cygna's most valuable vis sources... An cherry tree planted on the grave of a brilliant 9th century scholar which produces three pawns of Intelligo each year. Since the tree is located just over the border of the Alpine Tribunal, the Mercere attempt to justify their predation on territorial grounds.
1089As neither the Alpine nor Rhine Tribunals have clear jurisdiction over Domus Cygna's complaint against Rorschack, House Guernicus is called in to arbitrate a solution to the dispute. Though largely in Domus Cygna's favor, the agreement obligates the covenant to give the Mercere one of the tree's pawns each year.
1100 Caught in a sudden storm while crossing Lake Constance, both Darius of Bonisagus and Honoria of Mercere are lost when their boat capsizes. Darius' filius Titus, a battle magic specialist with an affection for spectacular spell effects, becomes the sixth Caius of Domus Cygna.
1122A fire elemental escapes Quirinius of Verditius's control and burns down half of the main hall before he regains mastery over it. The covenant's library is destroyed, but many of the books and maps are rescued by Titus and Selene of Jerbiton before the room is engulfed in flames.
1200 After spending the last years of his life as a paranoid recluse, Titus of Bonisagus is killed by one of his own explosive wards. Julian of Tytalus takes advantage of the confusion to name himself seventh Caius of Domus Cygna.
1209Quirinius of Verditius is found outside the chapel, gibbering incoherently about kitchenmaids and Romans. He dies several weeks later, apparently a victim of the castle's crumbling masonry. Quaesitor Marcus of Guernicus rules his death accidental.
1216Selene of Jerbiton passes into Final Twilight. Lacking the understanding she had of the creatures, Julian of Tytalus makes several mistakes of etiquette and offends a large portion of the local faerie population.
1237Livia, last filia of Titus of Bonisagus and his designated heir, returns to Domus Cygna from the Provencal covenant of Mistridge. After defeating Julian of Tytalus in a certamen duel, she becomes the eighth Caius of Domus Cygna.
1239Julian of Tytalus passes into Final Twilight. A pair of doves take up residence in the castle's dovecot, the first of their kind to nest at Domus Cygna since Arremis' experimentation in the 9th century.
1240Livia and her companion Maurellan mac Dannon attempt to take the sailing ship 'Dove of Malta' across Lake Constance to re-establish relations with the Mercere chapter house at Rorschack. At the mouth of the Bodansee, the vessel is attacked by the Shellyback. Despite potent arcane defenses and a pyrotechnic display of Ignem magic, The Dove is heavily damaged and several defenders are seriously injured in the ensuing confrontation. Though the damage is eventually repaired, and no lives are lost, the ship is never used again.
1243Andrias of Criamon commits suicide to test a theory. It is unknown if his results matched his expectations, but his ghost is first seen wandering the halls of the covenant a few hours later.
1247The covenant of Mistridge is destroyed in the Albigensian Crusade. Ansolm of Bonisagus, Livia's son and first filius, is among the defenders slain attempting to break the siege. She withdraws to the tower, trains no further apprentices, and refuses all requests of residence from new magi.
1298Rumors of the return of Gruen, the black wyrm of Salem, prompt Livia of Bonisagus, Maurellan mac Dannon, his squire, and the seven remaining guardsmen of Domus Cygna to travel into the hills of Hochsten to hunt the beast. They depart on January 3rd, 1299. No members of the expedition return.
Winter 1299Following the instructions left by his mistress before she departed, Laurent sends a small, sealed chest and a letter to Durenmar. The Domus Magna of House Bonisagus is assigned oversight of the covenant in accordance with the wishes of its last Caius. Antonius is assigned the task of finding something to do with the structure.
Spring 1300The Player Characters arrive and the game begins.