Domus Cygna - The Estate
The Estate

LandThe extent of the covenant's territory is moderately large for the area, and includes a sizable section of the northern Bodanruck, the Island of Swans (The island that the castle itself occupies-), and the Island of Mainau... an area of some 1500 acres in total. About half of the land is considered suitable for farming or grazing, the lion's share of which is under villeinage or free peasant cultivation. The arable areas of the demesne-proper equal 181 acres. The remainder of the demesne is forested or too rocky for agricultural use and totals some 600 acres (Including the entire 110 acre island of Mainau, which is forested, and uninhabited).
IncomeDomus Cygna began its existence as the manorial land holding of the magus Cygnus' mortal family. More land was added by Caius Trajan in the 10th century, but the covenant has maintained the same basic arrangement over the years. Its income derives from the produce of the demesne (There are several orchards and a small vineyard.) and from taxation and duty rights on two villages and various other land holdings it controls. The covenant is largely self-sufficient, with an excess of around 50L annually. In recent years this excess has been used to improve the vineyards, and to fund much-needed repairs to the tower and the main house.
ObligationsAs a local liege, the covenant does have certain responsibilities. Traditionally, the Caius (or, more often, their appointed proxy-) acts as the local lord... Keeping order, dispensing justice, settling disputes, and the like. Protection of the local population is also expected. Outright martial conflict is rare among the gentry of the Bodanruck, but there are various other dangers, from bandits and outlaw knights to marauding faeries and wild beasts, that the local population has always looked to Domus Cygna to handle. While the covenant does not owe fealty to either the Counts of Werdenberg or the Bishops of Konstanz, its status as a Hermetic covenant is known, and they may approach the magi for aid or advise as needed.

Additionally, the covenant's charter outlines several obligations and favors owed to others within the Order. By an accord made with the Mercere, Domus Cygna owes Harco's Rorschack Chapterhouse one pawn of Intelligo vis each year. The covenant is also obligated, by tradition, to host any Quaesitor visiting the area on House business for the duration of his stay. There is also a standing arrangement with Pharos Candare for the exchange of new maps and area lore books. This is a legacy of the southern covenant's generous assistance replacing the maps and charts lost in the library fire of 1122, and a reflection of the long friendship between Caius Darius and Ferrian of Gibraltar.
AlliesThe covenant has traditionally enjoyed cordial relations with the Benedictine monastery of Reichenau, the Barons of Saint Gallen, and the merchant's guild of Konstanz. The covenant's closest affiliations within the Order of Hermes are with Durenmar, Domus Magna of House Bonisagus, and with the Mercere of Rorschack. Domus Cygna has also had past alliences of various sorts with Pharos Candare in Iberia, Mistridge and Andorra La Vella in the Provencal Tribunal, Rosenoake in Stonehinge, and Domus Vindabonna and Tarragon's Vale in the Alpine.
EnemiesThe most immediate potential threat to Domus Cygna at the current time is Lord Otto Eys, a neighboring noble with a notorious desire for land who may well have set his sights on the covenant's castle. The new covenant of Silva Navalis may also become a rival for the area's valuable vis sources, and their Bishop will no doubt continue to rail against the "godless sorcerers" of the Order to anyone willing to listen. Additionally, the covenant's traditional monastic allies on the island of Reichenau are under increasing pressure from the Bishop of Konstanz to surrender control of their land to the bishopric, and Rudolf, the Baron of St.Gallen, has become entangled in a feud between Lord Eys and his cousin, Vincent, the Lord of Steckborn. Either situation has the potential to pull the covenant of Domus Cygna into contention with one party or another.