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Grimoire Library

The Apprentice's Book
Cesare of Bonisagus
Image of Time that Passes By (Creo/Imag 4) – Grim 164
The Mended Tear (Creo/Anim-Herb 4) – Grim 153
Chamber of Spring Breezes (Creo/Aur 5) – ArM 117
Twist and Pull the Wench's Hair (Perdo/Corp 4) – Grim 161
Touch of the Goose Feather (Perdo/Corp 5) – ArM 126
Palm of Flame (Creo/Ig 5) – ArM 135
Heat the Frigid Hall (Creo/Ig 5) – Grim 164
Eyes of the Cat (Muto/Corp 5) – ArM 125
Curse of the Unruly Tongue (Rego/Corp 5) – ArM 128
Supple Iron and Rigid Rope (Muto/Ter 3) – ArM 151
The Unerring Iron (Int/Ter 4) – Grim 171
Sealed Lips of the Written Secret (Muto/Imag 4) – Grim 167
Soothe the Ferocious Boar (Rego/Anim 5) – ArM 111
Disguise the Putrid Aroma (Rego/Anim 5) – ArM 111
The Unseen Arm (Rego/Ter 5) – ArM 153
Alchemist's Touch (Rego/Aq 5) – Grim 156
Sorted Piles of Wheat and Chaff (Rego/Herb 5) – New
This beautifully illustrated book will be found shelved with the non-Hermetic bits of the library since it's not obviously a grimoire. It looks like an ordinary storybook containing tales of the type usually told to children. Upon closer examination a discerning reader will discover that it actually contains an extensive collection of very low-level spells. Each is presented in-text during the course of one of the tome's ten stories as a rhyme, a chant, or a simple dance that helps the young hero or heroine overcome a difficult situation.
The Book of Battle Magic
Livia of Bonisagus
Aegis of the Hearth (Rego/Vim 20)
Whip of Water (Rego/Aq (Au Req) 10)
Lungs of Water & Death (Creo/Aq (Au Req) 15)
Mighty Torrent of Water (Creo/Aq (Au Req) 15)
Pilum of Fire (Creo/Ig (Au Req) 20)
Break the On-Coming Wave (Rego/Aq (Au Req) 10)
Hornet Fire (Muto/Ig (Au Req) 10)
Circling Winds of Protection (Rego/Au 15)
Invocation of Weariness (Perdo/Corp 10)
Repel the Archer's Rain (Rego/Herb (Au Req) 20) - New
Arc of Fiery Ribbons (Creo/Ig 25)
Silvery Scales of the Knight ( Creo/Ter 10)
Repel the Blades of Many (Rego/Ter (Au Req) 15) – New
Most of the spells in this small, leather-bound book require unusual elemental requisites, reflecting the theoretical bias of their creator. Many of the book's marginal notes and illustrations depict cloud formations.
The Earth-Mother's Book
Lyra of Verditius
Guardian of Stone (Muto/Ter 35) – Triamore 129
Teeth of the Earth Mother (Muto/Terr 35) - ArM 152
Earth that Breaks No More (Muto/Ter 20) – ArM 152
Miner's Keen Eye (Int/Ter 20) – ArM 150
Eyes of the Treacherous Terrain (Int/Ter 20) – ArM 150
The Buoyant Earth (Muto/Ter 15) – Grim 172
Stairs of the Mountain King (Creo/Ter 30) – Grim 170
Wizard's Sleeve of Practical Tools (Creo/Ter 15) – Grim 170
The Unseen Porter (Rego/Ter 10) – ArM 153
Skewer for the Petulant Faerie (Creo/Ter 10) – Grim 170
Carved on nearly paper-thin sheets of slate mounted in ironwork frames, Lyra's book is fragile and difficult to read.
The Investigator's Book
Keirian of Dima, Magus bani Guernicus
Touch of the Pearls (Int/Aq 10)
Whispers Through the Black Gate (Int/Corp 15)
Eyes of the Past (Int/Imag 20)
Trust of Childlike Faith (Perdo/Ment 10)
Dispel the Phantom Image (Perdo/Imag 20)
The Inexorable Search (Int/Corp 20)
Posing the Silent Question (Int/Ment 20)
Perception of Conflicting Motives (Int/Ment 15)
Sight of the True Form (Int/Corp 15)
Betraying Whispers (Int/Ment 25)
This book is beautifully bound in black leather, with the double-headed wyvern sigil of Vindabonna on the front cover. The first page of 'Posing the Silent Question' is marked with what appears to be a fragment of a map of the city of Geneva.
The Historian's Book
Andrias of Criamon
Eyes of the Soul (Int/Ment 15) – Grim 168
Wizard's Flash of Memory (Int/Ment 15) – Grim 169
Trail of the Lost Ways (Int/Ment 25) – Grim 169
Entrancement of the Starry Sphere (Rego/Ment 20) – Grim 170
Origin of the Ancient Object (Int/Ter 15) – Grim 171
Greeting the Maker (Int/Ter 40) – ArM 151
A non-descript black tome with a plain, unmarked cover. Scribed in a small, spare hand, this book lacks illustrations or any other sort of adornment.
The Jester's Book
Julian of Tytalus
Christ’s Footsteps (Rego/Corp 15)
Blizzard of Down (Creo/An 20) – SoI 61
Watching Ward (Rego/Vim 20)
Morning Without Regret (Creo/Corp 15) – Grim 159
The Animate Attire (Rego/Herb 15) – Grim 163
The Unraveled Seam (Rego/Herb 15) – Grim 154
Wizard's Hat of Rabbits (Creo/An 20) – Grim 153
The Wandering Chair (Rego/Herb 25) – Grim 163
Order in the Wizard's Lab (Rego/Ter 10) – Grim 172
Footsteps of Slippery Oil (Creo/Aq 15) – ArM 113
A neatly bound little book with brightly decorated boards, scribed in odd purple ink. There are many doodles in the margins, most of a somewhat naughty nature.
The Necromancer's Book
Quirinius of Verditius
Mask of Youth (Muto/Corp 15) – Triamore 129
Shower of Needles (Creo/Corp 20) – SoI 72
Rack of Thorns (Muto/Corp 20) – SoI 72
Earthly Remains (Creo/Corp 15) – Grim 158
Gift of the Hero's Strength (Muto/Corp 20) – Grim 160
Pain of the Wizard's Gaze (Perdo/Corp 25) – Grim 161
Perseverance of the Undaunted Ant (Rego/Corp 30) – Grim 162
Charm Against Putrefaction (Creo/Corp 10) – ArM 122
Incantation of the Body Made Whole (Creo/Corp 40) – ArM 123
The Gift of Vigor (Rego/Corp 20) – ArM 128
It's better not to ponder the materials that went into the construction of this heavy, musty-smelling tome scribed with crimson ink, and bound in fine, pale leather and bone.
The Pyromaniacs's Book
Agrivlir of Flambeau
Circle of Encompassing Flame (Creo/Ig 35) – ArM 136
Blade of the Virulent Flame (Creo/Ig 20) – ArM 135
Curse of Attraction of the Fire (Rego/Ig 30) – Grim 165
Last Flight of the Phoenix (Creo/Ig 50) – Grim 164
Flames of the Wizard's Soul (Creo/Ig 20) – Grim 164
This large book looks like its been through a war... Or several... And a house-fire... Or several. The corners are dog-eared, the binding is loose, and many of the pages are scorched or stained with caustic chemicals. The handwriting is terrible, and the illustrations look like the work of a mad-man.
The Regio-Diver's Book
Cassiadorus of Bonisagus
Sense of the Hidden Place (Int/Vim 10) – Grim 173
Glimpse Through the Mystic Veil (Muto/Vim 20) – Grim 174
Warping the Magical Veil (Muto/Vim 20) – Grim 174
Anchoring the Mystic Veil (Rego/Vim 50) – Grim 175
A set of four beautifully carved ivory scroll cases, each containing a sheaf of unusual papyrus paper.
The Snow Queen's Book
Seline of Jerbiton
Conjuration of Indubitable Cold (Perdo/Ig 20) –ArM 138
Flames of Sculpted Ice (Muto/Ig 35) – ArM 137
Ice of Drowning (Muto/Aq 25) ArM 115
Wizard's Touch of Cold (Perdo/Ig 15) – Grim 165
Spears of Fire (Muto/Ig 25) – Grim 164
Hourglass of the Frozen Heart (Int/Ig 20) – Grim 165
Wizard's Avalanche (Creo/Aq 20) – Grim 157
Shatter the Icy Fortress (Perdo/Aq 20) – Grim 156
Denial of the Frozen Ice (Creo/Aq 15) – Grim 155
Blade of White Death (Creo/Aq 15) – Grim 155
An unbound folio of pages copied onto fine, white vellum in an even and elegant hand