Domus Cygna - Hermetic Library
Hermetic Library

Title Author Subject Level Language Quality Type Description
A Study of the Art of Flame Saloma of Flambeau Ignem 17 Latin 7 Summa This slightly-worse-for-wear little book is bound in red leather and illustrated with remarkable life-like flames.
Contemplationes Lumen of Verditius Auram 16 Latin 5 Summa Contemplationes is said to be the only book completed by Lumen of Verditius during his lifetime, although he started no fewer than three dozen. This copy is finely bound in pale boards carved with the likeness of summer clouds.
Reflections From the Pool of Atlas Cygnus filius Bonisagus Aquam 20 Latin 11 Summa Despite water damage and obvious heavy use over the years, this finely bound and scripted tome by Domus Cygna's founder and first Caius occupies a place of honor in the library.
Bending All to the Wizard's Desire Morriana ex Misc Rego 14 Latin 6 Summa A plain and unillustrated bundle of parchment found tied with a string in the bottom of a book-chest.
Winds of the Spirit Protia of Guernicus Mentem 18 Latin 6 Summa A non-nonsense look at Mentem as used in the location, control, and destruction of ghosts. The book is unillustrated, and rather shrill in tone.
Mastery of the Form of Man Quirinius of Verditius Corpus 16 Latin 8 Summa This tome matches the grimoire of the same author. While the anatomical illustrations are very finely drawn, they are also exceptionally unnerving.
Memories of the Creation Trajan of Bonisagus Terram 7 Latin 3 Summa A plain book bound in unadorned white leather. The page marker is a long, crimson feather of unknown origin.
Disputatio Metamorphosis Natia of Merinita Muto 15 Latin 5 Summa Damaged by fire at some point, this unusually heavy book with bronze fittings and oak boards is found in the kitchen being used as an herb-press.
Whispers From the Trees Arion of Jerbiton Herbam 14 Latin 2 Summa Arion's first work on the Art of Herbam suffers from a sense of its own importance. This copy is also very poorly bound, with signatures falling like the leaves so poetically described (In great detail. Several times.) by its author.
Form and Fancy Caerbach of Merinita Imaginem 12 Latin 10 Summa Form and Fancy was written in 1204 by a Hibernian magus known for his nomadic lifestyle and flamboyant personality. This finely bound copy, a favorite with apprentices, has enchanted Imaginem illustrations that move and speak.
Sigils of the Distant Flame Livia of Bonisagus Ignem (Legend Lore) 5 (3) Latin 13 LQ Smudged by smoke and smelling slightly of burnt parchment, this brief dialogue on the evolution and progression of fire through four distinct stages of development also includes a sub-chapter on Fire Elementals. The gist of the discussion is to be wary of the being's constant need to consume flamable objects.
The Pattern of Weaving, or, The Exemplar of Form Titus of Bonasagus Creo 7 Latin 13 LQ Well bound, but largely unillustrated, this conversation on the art of Creation was written by a former Caius of Domus Cygna, and one of its long lineage of Battle Magic specialists. Constant comparisons are drawn between the behavior of certain "energetic elements".
Calling Down The Veil of Winter Selene of Jerbiton Perdo 8 Latin 12 LQ Written on the finest white vellum and in an flowing and elegant hand, Selene's work on Perdo and its relationship to both ice and the mortality of man is beautifully bound in smooth, white leather. Oddly, this book is always cool to the touch.
The Sons of Adam Trepandus of Tytalus Corpus 12 Latin 14 LQ The work of a master scribe and bookbinder, this copy of Trepandus' Sons of Adam is a joy to handle, even though the text is as dense and difficult as usual. Feared by the collegiately-trained apprentices of the covenant of Tarragon Vale for the ferocity of his Gauntlets, Trepandus remains one of the Alpine Tribunal's most sought-after correspondents on the subject of the human body.
Solutions: A Discourse on Motive and Method Anedrius of Dima, Magus bani Guernicus Intelligo 6 Latin 11 LQ A strange book written in the style of a conversation between the author's Mind and his Soul, Solutions presents the Art of Intelligo as a way to solve all dilemmas... arcane, personal, moral, or political. This once beautifully bound copy bearing the double-headed wyvern sigil of Vindabonna has oddly sliced boards and a shattered binding, almost as if it was used at some point as a shield by its reader.
Mundane Sapience and the Theory of Control Erenea of Tytalus Rego 8 Latin 14 LQ Another oddly-written book, this tome uses political commentary as a method of introducing theories of manipulation and control. It is a very difficult read, and likely to annoy those who don't share Erenea's passionate hatred for Simon de Montfort.
Wings of Inspiration Sarai of Jerbiton Imaginem 10 Latin 12 LQ As absurdly embellished as anything scribed by the notorious Romannis of Bonisagus, Sarai's Wings of Inspiration enshrines Art as the true purpose of the Gift and creative imagination as the ultimate expression of human mastery over earthly creation. Sarai takes an especially hard line on the parasitic nature of the fae and their lack of true creativity.
To Create the Unseen, an Examination of Methods Adrianna of Bonisagus Creo -- Latin 2 Tractatus 'Lungs of Water and Death'. Suffering minor water damage, this book is found on the table next to the library window.
The Seeds of All Life Abdul ali Eshu of Jerbiton Corpus -- Arabic 4 Tractatus 'Chirurgeon's Healing Touch'. This "book" isn't really a book at all, but a fine scroll written on papyrus paper. It is kept in a tightly woven basket of unusual manufacture.
Elemental Defense Livia of Bonisagus Ignem -- Latin 2 Tractatus 'Arc of Fiery Ribbons'. Very roughly illustrated (The targets in one drawing are little more than stick figures), smelling of smoke, and rain-spotted, this little manuscript is obviously another first draft. It's found on the library writing desk in the form of a few dozen loose sheets of parchment. The last page is incomplete.
Manipulation of the Senses Julian of Tytalus Imaginem -- Latin 4 Tractatus 'Wizard's Sidestep'. Written in a slightly sneering, slightly sarcastic tone, Julian's Manipulation of the Senses makes the assumption that anyone using 'Wizard's Sidestep' is up to no good.
Desire and Thought Dracandris ex Misc Mentem -- Latin 5 Tractatus 'Posing the Silent Question'. This beautifully scripted copy of Desire and Thought by the courtier-magus Dracandris of Avignon places its emphasis on using 'Posing' in mundane courts as a method of determining what mortals want and advancing one's own position by manipulating those desires.
Mastery and Majesty Tremere Rego -- Latin 4 Tractatus with Commentary 'Aura of Rightful Authority'. Placed in a position of honor next to the works of Bonisagus, Cygnus, and Juliasta, this slim little book seems singularly unassuming. Written in a fine, though cramped, hand it is unillustrated, and surprisingly straight-forward. The ends justify the means. A position of strength is a position of authority.