Domus Cygna - The Map Room
The Map Room

Title Author Subject Language Quality Description
The Swabian Sea Darius of Bonisagus Lake Constance Latin 6 A large-scale map of Lake Constance with important features, villages, and shallows noted. Dated 1090.
Untitled Fr. Martin of Geneva Swabia Latin 5 A small series of maps covering the duchy from the shores of Lake Constance to the Northern Black Forest. The maps are obviously well-used, and one seems to have been damaged by mice. Undated.
The Unseen Coast Romannis of Bonisagus Western Coast of Africa Latin 3 As absurdly detailed and illuminated as his book on the same subject, this map is very large and drawn on parchment made from some variety of exotic hide. It is kept in a long, hollow tusk banded with very dark wood.
Malta Unknown Malta Latin 9 A beautiful little navigator's map of the island of Malta with currents and shallows marked.
Crete Unknown Crete Latin 3 A small navigator's map matching the library's map of Malta. Unfortunately, this one is heavily damaged.
Cyprus Unknown Cyprus Latin 7 Another in the series of small navigator's maps. This one has several spots marked in red ink.
Corsica Unknown Corsica Latin 8 The last in the series of small navigator's maps. This one also has several markings in red.
Untitled Darius of Bonisagus The Southern Black Forest Latin 4 An attempt at the impossible. This map, drawn on heavy parchment and obviously updated many times over the years, covers the southern reaches of the Black Forest. There are many unlabled points of interest.
Untitled Unknown The Alps Latin 9 Another large map, this one seems to include wind currents and weather notations.
Untitled Unknown The Pyrenees Latin 9 Matches the Alpine map, and like that one, includes wind currents and weather notations.
The Tribunals of Hermes Adolmo of Verditius Europe Latin 5 A map of the Tribunal borders of the Order of Hermes, dated 1099. Thebes is somewhat truncated and the Lavant is missing altogether.
Untitled Juno of Jerbiton The Alpine Tribunal Latin 8 Another well-drawn example of the cartographer's art, this set of four highly-detailed maps is bound between boards of alderwood.
Untitled Unknown The World Latin 6 This map isn't a map at all, but a finely woven tapestry of obviously Eastern manufacture. Found mounted on the west wall of the library, it is very beautiful but not very detailed.