Domus Cygna - Mundane Library
Mundane Library

Title Author Subject Level Language Quality Type Description
Toward a Unified Theory of the Magical Arts Bonisagus Magic Theory 8 Latin 4 Summa Though bound only in simple boards and showing the wear of many years of use this three volume set of the Founder's theory occupies a central position in Domus Cygna's library.
On the Energetic Elements Livia of Bonisagus Natural Philosophy 5 Latin 6 Summa Another unbound first-draft manuscript scribed by the covenant's last Caius, On the Energetic Elements attempts to draw parallels between the properties and behaviors of Water, Fire, and Air. It contains many references to Titus of Bonisagus' The Pattern of Weaving, which is also included in the library's collection.
Balance, Judgement, and Mundane Law Taphys Priona of Guernicus Civil/Canon Law (Area Lore: Normandy) 3 (2) Latin 5 Summa By making good use of historical examples from the Normandy Tribunal, Taphys Priona presents the judgements and conventions of mundane canon and civil law as an example to be considered by Hermetic judges when assessing differing interpretations of the Code. This copy of Balance also includes a map of Normandy.
The Legacy of the Ancients Apollonius of Jerbiton Medicine 4 Greek 8 Summa Far less disturbing than the other anatomy texts in Domus Cygna's collection, Appolonius' Legacy is both well illustrated and clearly written. Apollonius is said to have written several other volumes on Medicine, Anatomy, and Disease based on research conducted in Araby.
Vis Sources and Their Defense Justinian of Guernicus Hermetic Law 4 Latin 4 Summa Cramped with amazingly dense text and illustrations, this book includes an extensive list of judgements and resolutions from every Tribunal in the Order on the subject of defending, harvesting, preserving, and the ownership of vis sources. It also includes detailed descriptions of all 11 Grand Tribunal cases where vis sources have been at issue. Special consideration is given to harvesting rights and the legal limits of a covenant's authority in defending those rights. While very old, this book doesn't appear to have seen much use. Its bindings and pages are in near-pristine condition. It is inscribed 'From Honoria, To Darius'.
The Golden Flowers Pamalys of Merinita Faerie Lore 6 Latin 9 Summa Attractively bound in finely-tooled dun leather with golden corner guards and elaborate latches, this copy of The Golden Flowers is one of the most valuable books in Domus Cygna's library. Illuminated in the richly colored "Reichenau Style" by the illustrator Fr.Martin of Geneva, the book includes all six original chapters plus an afterwards by Pamalys' fillius Roddrick on the passage of time in faerie regiones.
The Book of Questions Juliasta filia Criamon Enigmatic Wisdom 10 Latin -1 Summa Heavily damaged by wear and age, its once-polished boards warped and its binding cracked, this copy of Juliasta's exceptionally rare Book of Questions is very fragile, and very difficult to read. The text has begun to fade in many places and most of the illustrations have long since been smudged into incomprehensibility, but the tome is still given a place of honor in the library because of its unusual depth and character.
Animalis Exotika Romannis of Bonisagus Legend Lore 4 Latin 5 Summa Embellished with all manner of gaudy grotesques inside and out, Animalis Exotika examines the beasts of legend, including such improbable creatures as the flame-coated Tigre of Inde, the two-headed serpent of the Nile, and the so-called Spirit of the South... Apparently a turtle of unusual size which disguises itself as a small island.
Upon the Location and Contemplation of the Restless Dead Andrias of Criamon Occult Lore 4 Latin 7 Summa Bound in simple birch bark, this book contains a thoughtful dissertation on ghosts, their nature, and the implications of laying them to rest, blessing them, and rendering them into vis. Andrias' book also includes a chapter on the so-called fetters that bind restless spirits to the world and their possible resolutions.
On the Application of Deductive Method to Hermetic Investigation Ptolemaeous of Dima, Magus bani Guernicus Hermetic Law (Philosophy) 4 (4) Latin 12 LQ A beautiful book bound in black leather, bearing the double-headed wyvern sigil of Vindabonna on the front cover. Ptolemaeous spends much of this work discussing the finer points of Deductive Logic.
On the Nature and Control of Elemental Spirits Grimgroth of Tremere Legend Lore 4 Latin 14 LQ While certain assumptions presented in this tome are rumored to be incorrect, Grimgroth of Mistridge's Nature and Control remains the Order's definitive text on the subject of Elementals. This copy is well-bound in brown leather and illustrated in an unusal Arabian style.
A Journey Into Winter Selene of Jerbiton Faerie Lore 4 Latin 14 LQ Written in Selene's familiar, elegant script on the same fine, white vellum as her other works in the Domus Cygna collection, Journey Into Winter is a dialogue on the meaning of correspondences and sympathetic connections in the faerie realm.
Voyages to the Coast of Afrika Romannis of Bonisagus Natural Philosophy 4 Latin 14 LQ As absurdly embellished as the rest of his books, Romannis' Voyages is a series of essays on the plant and animal life found along Afrika's western coast, arranged as an illustration of the various natural "niches" such creatures fill in the order of Creation.
On Magic: Dialogues of the Founder Cygnus filius Bonisagus Magic Theory 3 Latin 12 LQ Simply but strongly bound in alderwood boards, and illuminated in the richly colored "Reichenau Style", this over-sized book usually rests on a reading stand in the north corner of the library. Its page marker has a silver final in the shape of a Romanesque swan.
The Swabian Sea Darius of Bonisagus Area Lore (Lake Constance) -- Latin 4 Tractatus Written on fine vellum and bound in blue leather, this is the companion volume to Darius' History of Domus Cygna. The fifth Caius of the covenant, Darius was known for his love of fine maps and his passion for sailing.
A History of Domus Cygna Darius of Bonisagus Area Lore (Bodanruck) -- Latin 4 Tractatus Written on fine vellum and bound in blue leather, this is the companion volume to Darius' The Swabian Sea. It follows the history of the covenant and the Bodanruck from founding up to his own tenure, which ended in 1100.